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Health and Support Services

If you need assistance, we are here to help. Moving or travelling to a new country is a big change. If you find yourself struggling to adjust, or feel someone has treated your unfairly, there are many support services available.…

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Living in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular options for students looking to study abroad because of the quality of life that it affords alongside its close proximity to other Pacific countries including Australia, Fiji and New Caledonia. There are…

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Education system

The education system in New Zealand is enormously diverse and one of the best in the world, maintaining excellent standards in literacy, mathematics and sciences and ranking well consistently by global standards. New Zealand education is also becoming increasingly international,…

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Why study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a great destination for international students, offering a world-class educational system. All of its institutions adhere to global standards, regularly tested and monitored by government to ensure a consistently high level of education wherever you choose to…

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